Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Case Reports

ISSN 2766-7820
Case Report - Open Access, Volume 2

The overlooked value of ultrasound in the perioperative care of ovarian immature teratoma

M Santana Dominguez*; L Ribera; M Munmany; M Gracia; B Diaz; C Ros; A Torné

Obtetrics and Gynecology Department, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain

*Corresponding Author: M Santana Dominguez
Obtetrics and Gynecology Department, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain.
Email: [email protected]

Received : Oct 20, 2021

Accepted : Dec 06, 2021

Published : Dec 13, 2021

Archived :

Copyright : © Dominguez MS (2021).

Citation: Dominguez MS, Ribera L, Munmany M, Gracia M, Diaz B, et al. The overlooked value of ultrasound in the perioperative care of ovarian immature teratoma. J Clin Images Med Case Rep. 2021; 2(6): 1473.


Ovarian immature teratoma is a rare malignant tumor that appears in young women [1,2]. Diagnosis can be challenging due to the lack of characteristic features in ultrasound or CT/ MRI images, and is usually achieved through the anatomopathological analysis [1].

Treatment normally involves oophorectomy, which may affect fertility in these patients [3].

The clinical image we are presenting belongs to a 28-yearold female patient suffering from abdominal pain. MRI findings suggested a benign dermoid cyst (Figure 1), which was discordant with the ultrasound findings that suspected an immature teratoma.

Figure 1:

Ultrasound image (Figure 2) showed an 8 centimeters solidcystic tumor with central vascularization in the Doppler study (score 3). The presence of vascularization, despite not being a pathognomonic sign, should be taken into account by the clinician and consider malignancy [1,2].

Figure 2:

With the presentation of this image, we aim to remark that suspicious findings in ultrasound image may lead to a better preoperative counseling regarding patient’s fertility.


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