Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Case Reports

ISSN 2766-7820
Case Report - Open Access, Volume 2

Connatal cyst in a 20 year old girl

Wilson Bizimana*; Wais A Amarkak; Meryem Fikri; Mohammed Jiddane; Firdaous Touarsa

Department of Neuroradiology, Hospital of Specialities, Rabat, Morocco.

*Corresponding Author: Wilson Bizimana
Department of Neuroradiology, Hospital of Specialities, Rabat, Morocco.
Email: [email protected]

Received : Nov 03, 2021

Accepted : Dec 20, 2021

Published : Dec 27, 2021

Archived :

Copyright : © Biziman W (2021).

Citation: Bizimana W, Amarkak WA, Fikri M, Jiddane M, Touarsa F. Connatal cyst in a 20 year old girl. J Clin Images Med Case Rep. 2021; 2(6): 1514.


Connatal cyst also known as frontal horn cysts, are cystic areas adjacent to the superolateral margins of the body and frontal horns of the lateral ventricles and are believed to represent a normal variant [1]. The other name is coarctation of the lateral ventricles or frontal horn cysts. Sometimes unilateral or bilateral, the incidence of this condition is between 0, 4 and 0, 9% [2]. Periventricular cysts are a common finding in neonatal cranial imaging. They are noted usually in antenatal period and typically disappear over the first year of the life [3]. The etiology has been debated varying from being a normal variant, to secondary to a viral infection, chromosomal anomaly, post-ischemic or hemorrhagic event [1,4]. They have been shown to regress on follow-up imaging when demonstrates in children under 2 months of age [3]. Our case demonstrates an exceptional situation of a persistent of the cyst in a 20-year-old -girl.

Figure 1A: (A) Connatal cyst in right frontal horn location in T1- Weighted sagittal MRI: Hypointensity T1 like the cerebrospinal liquid. (B,C): Connatal cyst in right frontal horn location in T2 and Flair -Weighted MR images: Hyperintensity on T2 -Weighted and suppression of the signal in Flair-Weighted.


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