Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Case Reports

ISSN 2766-7820
Clinical Image - Open Access, Volume 3

Healthy disorders by WLAN-exposure

Lebrecht von Klitzing*

Institute of Environmental and Medical Physic, DE-36466 Wiesenthal, Germany

*Corresponding Author: Lebrecht von Klitzing
Medical Physicist, Institute of Environmental and Medical Physic, Schwimmbadweg 21, DE-36466 Wiesenthal, Germany
Email: [email protected]

Received : Dec 15, 2021

Accepted : Jan 31, 2022

Published : Feb 07, 2022

Archived :

Copyright : © Klitzing L (2022).


By a diagnostic routine of a “burn-out”-patient, additionally claiming an electrosensitivity, there was tested the activity of the autonomic nervous system by electromyogram (EMG). Analyzing the frequency we found an artificial 10 Hz-component like those of WLAN-emitters as a dominant signal. By the following anamnestic discussion, the patient told about a longtime exposure to an active WLAN-equipment in office. Testing other patients using this communication-technique, there was a great number with the same 10 Hz-artifact in EMG. Additionally, some of these patients point out an artificial ECG. Theses data demonstrate the conflicts with the ICNIRP safety guidelines for this type of electromagnetic exposures.

Keywords: WLAN; EMG; electrosensitivity; safety guidelines (ICNIRP).

Citation: Klitzing L. Healthy disorders by WLAN-exposure. J Clin Images Med Case Rep. 2022; 3(2): 1639.


WLAN (wireless local area network; resp. WiFi) is used as an important worldwide communication-technique. By this always there is an exposure by 10 Hz-modulated electromagnetic fields. In contrast to the ICNIRP-safety guidelines, whereby no bioeffect is possible by these low-energetic electromagnetic fields, we found artificial signals in the nervous and cardiovascular system by WLAN-exposure.


The relaxed patients were tested in an HF-shielded lab under following experimental setup:

Step 1: control
Step 2: active WLAN-router
Step 3: control after exposure

Each epoch was about 9 min, the electromagnetic immission by WLAN at the head was about 25-30 µW/m². EMG was sampled by a special electrode matrix fixed at the lower arm skin, ECG-recording at ICR-4-position. The data were sampled continuously by a LabView-System with following frequency analysis (FFT). The test person has no information of WLAN “on/off”. It was tested, that there is no interference with the analyzing system during active WLAN.

About 30 h after WLAN-exposure during office-activity there is a 10 Hz-artifact in EMG-signal (Figure 1a). By a following WLAN-exposure this artifact disappeared after about 3 min. As well during following exposure and subsequent control this 10 Hz-artifact was not to detect. One day later the whole testprogram was repeated with the same artifacts in EMG. These data point to a remembrance effect in EMG by exposures in low-frequent-electromagnetic fields.

During WLAN-exposure in this case there was not found any influence on EMG but there are ECG-events pointing to a threatening cardiovascular problem by this electromagnetic field.

Figure 1a: Control EMG after longtime WLAN-exposure one day before. left: EMG; time-series (upper curve: ECG for time-compare). right: EMG; frequency domain by fast-fourier-transformation (FFT).

Figure 1b: Same data-processing as in figure 1a; during new. WLAN-exposure (record after 2 min).

Figure 1c: Same as in figure 1a; 30 s later.

Figure 1d: Control, 6 min after exposure.

Figure 2a: Control: EMG after WLAN-exposure by “home-office” about 10 h before.

Figure 2b: Same as in Fig. 2a; 2 min later. In this case, there was found several spontaneous 10 Hz-artifacts in EMG after WLAN-exposure one day before.

Figure 3a: ECG / EMG – data before WLAN-exposure.

Figure 3b: After 6 min WLAN- exposure.

Figure 3c: Same as in figure 3b (record.-time: 2 s).


The influences in EMG during and after WLAN-exposure are obviously depending of the individual biosystem as demonstrated by the different data. That means: there is no uniform effect on biosystem by WLAN-exposure. But by these demonstrated effects there must be a discussion about the consequence of artificial signals in the nervous system with following interactions of biofunctions, e.g. in cardiovascular system.

The demonstrated data point to the necessity for a new discussion about healthy effects by low-energetic electromagnetic exposures. That especially under the background of longtime WLAN-exposure in “home-office” or in schools by “digital-learning”. The precautions by ICNIRPguidelines are not relevant.