Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Case Reports

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Clinical Image - Open Access, Volume 3

Internal auditory canal osteoma

Natália Carasek; Lucas Alves Teixeira Oliveira; Luiza Costa Villela Ferreira; Fayez Bahmad Jr*

Post-Graduation Program at Health Science Faculty, University of Brasilia, Brasilia – DF, Brazil.

*Corresponding Author : Fayez Bahmad Jr
Post-Graduation Program at Health Science Faculty, University of Brasilia, Brasilia – DF, Brazil.
Ph: +55-619-818-10700;
Email: [email protected]

Received : Oct 17, 2022

Accepted : Nov 01, 2022

Published : Nov 08, 2022

Archived :

Copyright : © Bahmad F (2022).

Citation: Carasek N, Oliveira LAT, Ferreira LCV, Bahmad F. Internal auditory canal osteoma. J Clin Images Med Case Rep. 2022; 3(11): 2147.


R.R.M., female, 40 years old, presenting with severe symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint disorder, underwent Head Computed Tomography (CT) during its investigation. It revealed an incidental finding of asymptomatic pedunculated bone lesion of approximately 0,51 x 0,55 mm, originating in the inferior portion of the right Internal Auditory Canal (IAC), adjacent to the cerebellopontine angle, indicated by the yellow arrows in Figure 1, (A) and (B) in axial plane and orange arrow (C) in coronal plane. These findings are compatible with an IAC Osteoma. Osteomas are slow-growing benign bone tumors commonly observed in the temporal bone, especially in the mastoid cortex and external auditory canal. Its appearance in the IAC is very rare and is usually discovered incidentally [1]. The main differential diagnosis is with Exostosis. Unlike the Osteoma, Exostosis usually present with multiple bilateral lesions with a broad implantation base [2]. CT is the most effective diagnostic tool for this type of bone lesions [1].

Figure 1:


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