Volume-1, 2020
Issue 1(Dec)

Clinical observations in three clinical cases with locally advanced chordomas. What is needed for early diagnosis with improved survival?

Chordoma is a rare malignant neoplasm. It is usually diagnosed at an advanced stage, which contributes for the poor prognosis and high mortality. In this article, we will consider three clinical cases with locally advanced chordomas in order to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis by MRI and the need for strict pathohistological and immunohistochemical analysis.


The Sinewy Swirls- Angioleiomyoma

Angioleiomyoma is an exceptional, benign, solitary neoplasm originating from tunica media of vascular smooth muscle. The neoplasm commonly represents as a uniform, well defined, solitary, soft, nodular, gradually progressive, bluish or purple lesion commonly beneath <2 centimetres magnitude with an absence of accompanying inflammation.


Obesity - COVID-19 and mechanical ventilation of intubated patient

Obesity as a disease causes a restrictive lung disease and is a sufficient predisposing factor for difficult ventilation of the patient in the ventilator. In addition to covid-19, the phenomenon of hard lung is observed as the ventilation of intubated patients is very difficult and recruitment is quite difficult to achieve. The combination is quite difficult as these patients oppose the ventilator.


A case of pericardial tamponade caused by abdominal knife stab injury

This paper reported a case of pericardial tamponade was caused by the blood from abdominal organ injury, which flowed through the diaphragm and pericardial holes into the pericardium, liver injury, gastric injury, pancreatic injury, diaphragmatic break were found by the following laparotomy exploration.